Gift a Tree to Someone Special – Past or Present

Gift a Tree to Someone Special – Past or Present

Planting Trees. A truly memorable gift creating new life

Some people ask us to plant trees as birthday gifts or Christmas presents. These can be to friends, colleagues or family but the trees that are dedicated to someone who has passed on give an extra sense of value. It is as if their soul is still helping the planet today. Remembrance trees are a really special gift.

Like families, trees produce young and after several years the trees we plant for you now can have thousands of offspring simply because of the good deed you are doing today.

Of course, we all pass on in the end so all of the trees planted will continue with this legacy way into the future and, because we vow never to cut our trees down, will flourish into eternal woodland helping nature and the natural environment to recover.

It is often said:

“People Die Twice – Once When They Take There Last Breath And Secondly
When Their Name Is Spoken For The Last Time”.

We encourage you to think of all the people who have meant something special in your past. People who may have died in the war. people who taught you something special or simply old family and friends. Dedicate a tree to them today so their name and legacy can live on.

Ensure that their name is spoken long into the future and if the time comes when their name is spoken no more, you can rest assured that their trees live on.

There is tree proverb that truthfully states:

When is the best time to plant a tree?
50 years ago

When is the second best time to plant a tree?

Dedicate a Tree Today – Ensure their name lives on

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