A Caring Gift for Mothers Day + FREE Bird Hotel!

Donate a tree in your mum’s name – We plant it – You receive certification

People are often stuck when it comes to choosing the perfect gift. With attitudes changing, recent studies have shown that the all generations are changing their buying habits from general items to ecologically friendly gifts.

This Mother’s Day we are offering you the opportunity to give a thoughtful, 100% carbon neutral gift that she will have never received before.

Gift a tree allows you to choose a tree species that we will plant on your behalf and send a certificate to show that you purchased it in your mother’s name. The certificate will show the type of tree chosen and its precise location down to the meter where it is on the planet so that you or your mother can visit it in the future.

Bird box hotel
Our bird hotel

Free 3 Compartment Bird Box Hotel

In addition, for March orders for trees in the UK, we will also make and erect a hand crafted bird hotel with three separate compartments for small birds. Many species such as blue tits, great tits, goldfinch, wrens and many more are under threat. We are trying to help them by providing nesting places. All of this could not be done without your help.

Think about it, if we get a hundred orders for trees, this will provide an extra 300 nesting places for birds.

Our bird boxes are handmade on our farm using traditional materials and are 100% carbon neutral. Once they are erected they will stay in the trees for years to come.

Helping Nature

Our goal is to help nature and the general environment. Through gifting a tree you will be achieving that and will be making a difference for generations to come.

The trees you plant will never be cut and will germinate to produce even more trees.

The bird boxes we erect will last for at least 10 years and during that time just one box could produce up to 90 broods of different species of birds. Think about it; if each brood has 5 eggs you could be responsible for an additional 450 birds in the UK.