Attract New Customers by Going Green

Fed up with expensive paid advertising?

Partner with Gift a Tree to attract environmentally aware customers who want to do business with eco-friendly companies with sustainable economic growth at the forefront of their minds. We offer you major benefits that Google, Facebook and others simply do not.

The benefits to you
  • You receive a unique corporate certificate in your office to show you are a partner of Gift a Tree – See example.
  • Your company can appear on our new Partners page.
  • People are more likely to do business with companies that have a green policy in place.
  • Therefore, you should get more sales as a result.
  • You are more likely to retain customers for future transactions.
  • We show your logo and description on our partners’ page.
  • You can use our logo on your site to show you help the environment
  • If you agree, we would be happy to announce your involvement on our social media.
  • We recommend that partners add a line under their email signature to show they work with Gift a Tree, which should attract new customers
  • Each time you buy trees for your staff or customers we would provide you with a certificate for you to pass on to them – See example

Lastly, if you or your colleagues would like to book an appointment to speak with our founder you can book a phone call here or a zoom meeting here. Or, simply fill in the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Become our Partner

We are waiting to hear from you so we can all make a difference now! Currently over 50,000 hectares of forest are still being cut daily. Only 2,000 hectares are being planted. We welcome all enquiries no matter how small

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£49 + vat (Annual payment)
  • Appear on our website
  • Use our logo
  • Corporate certification
  • Automatic affiliate earning scheme
  • Environment accreditation
  • Social media announcement
  • Feature in our newsletter
  • Support

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