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Welcome to Gift a Tree international tree planting program, where every tree planted tells a story of restoration, education, and sustainable change. Our commitment reaches across borders, collaborating with charitable organisations worldwide. One of our most impactful initiatives thrives in the breathtaking Usambara mountains of Tanzania, offering an unparalleled opportunity to invest in nature, the community, and the future.

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Whether you are thinking of planting trees to reduce your CO2 emissions or simply to give back to nature, every tree planted is vital to help nature, biodiversity and eco-systems that depend on balance.

As we have large-scale tree planting partnerships in place, we can offer rates that are affordable and give locals a deep sense of pride knowing that people from far away care about their environment.

Your contribution also helps us to educate children in local schools who then grow up with a complete understanding as to why there surrounding habitat is important for both nature, themselves and future generations.

Your customers are likely to view your actions in an extremely positive way, which could lead to increased revenues for any corporation investing in planting trees worldwide.

Either purchase trees directly or fill-in the contact form below to set up a regular planting program. We are here to help!

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The Usambara Mountain Range – Tanzania & Kenya

The land on on the Eastern Arc Mountains is considered to one of the most diverse habitats on Earth. The Eastern Arc Mountains are one of the oldest mountain ranges in Africa as they were formed at least one hundred million years ago along a fault lying to the east of the East African Rift. This entire area used to be covered with extensive tropical rainforests and has a very diverse range of flora and fauna.

How Your Trees Help!

Through working with our partners Gift a Tree’s joint goal is to help support a large-scale tree planting programme in the West Usambara Mountains of Northern Tanzania. Since 2008 our partners have planted about 24 million trees and restored over 220,000 Hectares of land that was lost through deforestation and climate change.

Your investment helps us to support tree growing in the nurseries through to final planting in these remote areas. It also gives economic pride to the locals who rely on such donations.

Transforming Desecrated Land in the Usambara Mountains

In the past, these lands suffered from agricultural practices that harmed both nature and the local economy. Through dedicated efforts, we’ve empowered farmers with knowledge, showcasing the adverse effects of desecrating the land. Now, we’re proud to invest in their future by providing fruit trees, ensuring sustainable crops for years to come.

Empowering Communities Through Educating Children and Farmers about the Importance of Trees

Our focus extends beyond planting trees; it’s about educating farmers and school children. By instilling the importance of preserving nature, we empower the next generation to cultivate a sustainable environment for the long term.

Educating children about trees

Supporting Rare Wildlife and Eco-Systems

Four of the endemic birds are similar to Asian species, and may have evolved at a time when the Arabian Peninsula had a coastal fringe of vegetation to act as a passageway; the Udzungwa forest partridge (Xenoperdix udzungwensis) is a perfect example of this, it is found only on the Rubeho Mountains and Udzungwa Mountains, and its closest relatives appear to be the hill partridges of Asia.

Leopard in Tree

Restoring Wildlife Habitat​

As trees flourish, so does the wildlife. Reforesting the Usambara mountains is not just about planting; it’s about restoring habitats, allowing wildlife to thrive once again. It’s a harmonious journey towards ecological balance.

It is vital work as many of the fauna, flora and animal species are unique to the area. Many endemic species are found on a single mountain range.

If you are thinking of initialising a corporate tree planting programme you could not start off with a better investment than this; it gives back to nature, biodiversity, the locals and helps the planet breathe again.


Delightful Impact on Farmers

This investment doesn’t just benefit the land; it transforms lives. Farmers are delighted, nurturing the trees that, in turn, provide them with a consistent income. It’s a cycle of sustainability that ensures economic prosperity while fostering environmental stewardship.

Massive Nurseries, Millions of Trees

Our nurseries boast millions of trees, ready to be planted and make a lasting impact. From saplings to towering guardians of nature, each tree contributes to reforestation, wildlife habitat restoration, and the overall well-being of the region.

Invest in Our Planting Program

We invite companies and individuals to join us in this transformative journey. By investing in our planting program in Tanzania, you support a cause that goes beyond reforestation — it’s an investment in communities, education, and a sustainable future.

Tree nursery in Africa

Reduce Carbon Emissions, Leave a Legacy

By contributing to our program, you not only reduce your own carbon emissions but leave a legacy of positive change. Your trees will stand as a testament to your commitment to the environment and a thriving, sustainable world.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

For companies with a shared vision, consider our corporate partnership program. Have your logo proudly displayed on the shirts of our tree planters, showcasing your commitment to a greener future.

Join Gift a Tree in creating a world where every tree planted is a step towards a brighter, sustainable tomorrow. Invest in Tanzania, support a worthy cause, and be part of a movement that transcends borders and generations. Together, let’s make a lasting impact.

The Important Biodiversity in the Usambara Mountains

Usambara mountain rangeThe Usambara Mountains in Tanzania are an important area for conservation and biodiversity, with a variety of unique plant and animal species. Here are a few environmental facts about the Usambaras:

Biodiversity: The Usambaras are home to many endemic species, including several species of primates, birds, and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Deforestation: Deforestation is a major problem in the Usambaras, as the forested land is being cleared for agriculture and other human uses. This deforestation is leading to the loss of biodiversity and habitat for many species.

Soil erosion: The loss of trees in the Usambaras is also leading to soil erosion, which can have negative impacts on water quality and food production in the region.

Climate change: The Usambaras play an important role in regulating the local climate, with their forests helping to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and regulate the local water cycle.

Water sources: The Usambaras are a source of water for many communities in the region, and the loss of forests can lead to reduced water availability for both humans and wildlife.

Conservation efforts: Conservation organisations and local communities are working together to protect the Usambaras and their unique biodiversity. These efforts include reforestation, community-based conservation initiatives, and education programs.

Overall, the Usambaras are a crucial part of the African environment, and their preservation is important for both local communities and the planet as a whole.

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