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25 Trees in Tanzania

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Gift 25 Trees in Tanzania
Nominate Someone
We Plant them
We send you the Exact Location
You receive Certificate
Contributes to Local Economy
Help to reduce CO2
Educating Local Children & Farmers



Tanzania’s Green Legacy: 25 Fruit Trees for a Sustainable Future

Buy 20 trees and gift them to friends, colleagues or loved ones.

You can then relax in the knowledge that you are adding benefits to the environment in several ways.

  1. You will be helping the unique species of Tanzania by adding to their diverse forests that has been devastated in recent years.
  2. Your donation will help to reduce CO2
  3. You will be helping local villagers by adding to their economy
  4. You will help to spread our message that the whole world needs assistance when it comes to nature
  5. You will receive a certificate showing the exact location of the planting site
  6. The certificate will also bear the name of the person you are donating the trees to
  7. You will help the charities operating their educate people as to how valuable the environment is

Please note that we send everything via email to avoid adding to the carbon footprint of regular post and polluting the atmosphere.

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Tanzania’s Green Legacy: 25 Fruit Trees for a Sustainable Future

Our service offers customers the unique opportunity to make a positive impact on both the environment and the local economy in Tanzania. By purchasing 25 fruit trees, customers not only contribute to the re-wilding and reforestation efforts in the Usambara mountain region but also support the education of children and farmers about the importance of tree planting.

The Usambara mountain region is known for its incredible biodiversity and unique ecosystems. However, over the years, deforestation and unsustainable agricultural practices have taken a toll on the environment, threatening the delicate balance of flora and fauna. Our service, in collaboration with our dedicated charity partner on location, aims to address these issues and create a greener, more sustainable future.

When customers buy our fruit trees, they become part of a larger mission to restore the natural beauty of the region. Each tree they purchase helps in offsetting carbon emissions, promoting soil conservation, and providing a habitat for local wildlife. Moreover, the planting of fruit trees contributes to the availability of nutritious food sources for both the local community and wildlife, supporting food security in the region.

Our charity partner plays a crucial role in the success of this initiative. They actively engage with the local community, conducting educational programs that raise awareness about the importance of tree planting and sustainable farming practices. By empowering children and farmers with knowledge, we create a ripple effect, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship for generations to come.

Upon making a purchase, our customers receive a beautifully designed certificate. This certificate not only serves as a token of appreciation for their contribution but also includes details about the dedicated trees and the location of the planting site. This personal touch allows customers to feel connected to the impact they are making and further strengthens their commitment to environmental conservation.

By choosing our service, customers are actively supporting the local economy, providing jobs for tree planters, and fostering sustainable livelihoods. This approach ensures that the reforestation efforts are integrated into the fabric of the community, making it a collaborative and inclusive venture.

In summary, “Tanzania’s Green Legacy: 20 Fruit Trees for a Sustainable Future” is a service that combines environmental conservation, community empowerment, and economic growth. Together with our charity partner, we are committed to creating a positive and lasting impact on the Usambara mountain region. By purchasing our fruit trees, customers are not only investing in a greener planet but also in the education and well-being of local communities. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more sustainable Tanzania.