Corporate Tree Planting

Corporate Tree Planting & CO2 Emissions Reduction

Gift a Tree stands as a prominent provider of corporate tree planting services, offering businesses a unique opportunity to contribute to the environment while simultaneously promoting their brand. Our team of experts collaborates closely with corporate clients to craft personalised tree planting programs tailored to their distinct needs and objectives.

When you become a Corporate Partner with us, you can choose from the packages below to establish your monthly investment.

At Gift a Tree, we acknowledge the significance of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability. We are committed to assisting companies in achieving these goals through our tree planting services. By partnering with us, businesses can profoundly impact the environment while showcasing their dedication to sustainable practices and community involvement.

Our corporate tree planting programs have been designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, with versatile options for planting trees in diverse global locations. Whether it’s for offsetting carbon emissions, enhancing local communities, or bolstering brand reputation, Gift a Tree possesses the expertise and resources necessary to help businesses attain their objectives. Reach out to us today to discover more about our corporate tree planting services and how we can empower your business to make a positive environmental impact.

Monthly Investment Levels

Choose the level that will offset your company's CO2 emissions

Monthly Investment Levels to Help Offset CO2 - Join us Today!


Basic CO2 Offsetting
£ 49
  • 200 Trees
  • Listing on Site
  • Planting Certification
  • Use of Our Logo


General CO2 Offsetting
£ 249
  • 1,000 Trees
  • Listing above Bronze
  • Planting Certification
  • Use of Our Logo
  • Premium Service


Premium CO2 Offsetting
£ 499
  • 2,000 Trees
  • Listing above Silver
  • Planting Certification
  • Use of Our Logo
  • Premium Service
  • Founder Presentation


Advanced CO2 Offsetting
£ 750
  • T.B.A.
  • Listing above Gold
  • Planting Certification
  • Use of Our Logo
  • Premium Service
  • Founder Presentation
  • Personal Assistant

How Your Trees will Help!

Gift a Tree works with charities in 34 countries. We help to educate locals and give them the tools they need to successfully plant trees. Through buying trees with us companies like yours help to re-wild the environment, reduce CO2 and put a stop to deforestation.

Your contribution also helps the local economy in remote areas and help the people there to buy food, clothes and feed themselves.

Plant Trees in Your Customers' Names

Corporate and business tree planting
We plant trees for your customers

Plant trees for your customers and give them a real surprise. If you plant a tree for each customer or member of your organisation, we will send them a certificate showing that it is a gift from your company. Several companies have stated that it solidifies business relationships as it makes customers feel great knowing that you have contributed to helping nature.

We would suggest that if you have a large database of clients, you could give a tree as a one-off surprise and then each time you obtain a new customer you buy them a tree as a sustainable welcome gift. It is a strategy that is sure to reward you with long-term business relationships.

Gift a Tree can work with you to formulate an automated policy so that you can put the initiative in place and it will work seamlessly in the background.

Remember, each time you buy a tree for your customers, they will receive a smart certificate showing the exact location of their tree with you as the donor.

Enquire now by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Young People Support Businesses with Environmental Policies Through Corporate Tree Planting

Supporting business with tree planting policy
Young people are more likely to do business with companies with a tree planting policy

Gift a Tree leads the way in providing tree planting services that enable businesses to actively showcase their dedication to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. In an era where the younger generation increasingly prioritises environmental consciousness, it’s imperative for businesses to recognise the invaluable role of tree planting initiatives in both captivating and retaining this demographic.

Research reveals that young consumers exhibit a higher inclination to engage with businesses that have instituted tree planting policies. This affinity arises from their profound appreciation of environmental sustainability, as they actively seek to support enterprises that mirror their core values. By forging a partnership with Gift a Tree, businesses can unequivocally underline their commitment to environmental well-being, thus resonating with young customers who ardently champion sustainability.

At Gift a Tree, we are acutely attuned to the significance of engaging with younger generations and the substantial influence environmental sustainability wields over their purchase decisions. Consequently, we offer tailor-made tree planting programs that seamlessly align with the distinctive requirements and aspirations of businesses aiming to resonate with a younger clientele. Our founder – Andy Fields collaborates closely with clients to craft tree planting programs that harmonise with their brand ethos, enabling them to make a tangible positive contribution to the environment.

For businesses seeking to captivate young customers and emphatically champion their dedication to sustainability, Gift a Tree offers an ideal solution. In today’s landscape, the younger generation actively seeks to transact with companies fortified by environmental policies. Thus, considering the potential of this alliance as a corporate sponsor could yield exceptionally favourable outcomes for your brand.

Environmental concerns top the list of priorities for individuals aged 17 to 31. This trend is on an upward trajectory, driven by the increasing prominence of environmental awareness. In straightforward terms, a growing number of people are seeking to engage with businesses that prioritise environmental responsibility.

Get in touch with us today to explore our tree planting services and discover how we can assist your business in appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Discover How Tree Planting Benefits Businesses by Attracting New Customers!

Set up a Corporate Tree Planting Partnership through Gift a Tree. We offer great deals for businesses to plant trees to help offset carbon emissions. A tree planting policy or a corporate tree planting plan is good for business and great for nature.

Your customers are likely to view your actions in an extremely positive way, which could lead to increased revenues for any corporation investing in planting trees worldwide.

Sign up with us and get great deals by becoming a corporate partner today!

Through working with Gift a Tree, you can rest assured that we will plant trees in countries all around the world. Currently we have tree planting volunteers in 32 countries worldwide and we are looking to expand our operations internationally.

Several business executives are now showing leadership and giving back to the environment through encouraging nature, particularly when it comes to forest management, planting shrubs, saplings to promote re-wilding generally.

Since COP26 in Glasgow, awareness has grown so that all organisations are aware as to just how vital it is to re-invest in the wilderness.

Create a Corporate Tree Planting Plan

Office with trees outside

Frequently Asked Questions – Our Tree Planting Service

How does a company go about planting trees?

This depends on what structure you would like to set up for tree planting. For any business we would recommend setting up a monthly tree planting budget. Gift a Tree would then ensure the trees and woodland were planted in the country of your choice.

How much does corporate tree planting cost?
Depending on which level you select Gift a Tree can plant trees for as little as 20p per tree. The level you invest for your company is entirely up to you. However, we would suggest that to satisfy your customers and to prove that environmental issues are at the forefront of your agenda, we would work with you to tailor the best investment for your company. To reach such a figure we could work together to realise what your businesses current carbon footprint is and set a tree planting programme that would offset the CO2 emissions produced.

Can we use Gift a Tree’s logo?
Of course. We love for all companies to promote us so that we can get our message to other organisations who want to help nature and the environment.

When will the trees be planted?
Planting of trees depends on the locations that are selected. Tree planting seasons differ in various parts of the world and we rely on the expertise of the volunteers and companies we employ to ensure that all trees have the best chance of surviving.

How do I know the trees have been planted?
Gift a Tree is unique in that we give certification showing the exact location of the trees you have purchased. Through using the ‘What Three Words’ app, you can see the exact position of your trees and watch them grow on Google maps.

Will my trees ever be cut down?
No. We want all trees to grow so that we can create new forests and recover some of the devastation that has taken place over the last century. We will never cut down your trees.

Can Gift a Tree help with our corporate tree planting policy?
Yes. It would be our pleasure – Simply fill in the form on our contact form below.

Can you help me offset our corporate carbon emissions?
Yes, absolutely. We can work together to discover just how much carbon dioxide you produce and work out a carbon offsetting plan to make your company carbon neutral.

What species of trees are planted.
The type of tree depends entirely on the climate of the local area where the volunteers work. People on the ground in remote locations will decide on the type of tree depending on the soil quality, climate and temperature.

Can I visit the trees we have paid for?
Yes, of course. We welcome people visiting the site locations but we must stress that sometimes the locations are extremely remote to ensure that the natural surroundings have maximum chance of survival.

Can my business receive a grant for planting trees?
Depending on where your company is situated it may be possible to receive government help and funding to plant trees. If you are in the UK you could visit The Woodland Creation and Maintenance Grant.

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