Join Our School Tree Planting Program

Join Our School Tree Planting Program

Get students involved in tree planting

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Never before has the world been more environmentally conscious. The generation that is more aware than any other is our children.

Our goal at Gift a Tree is to help all kids across the world learn about how important nature is for the future of our planet and how the simple act of planting a tree today can result in an exponential benefit for the environment for decades to come.

A simple way to set them off on the right footing is to introduce children worldwide to tree planting. Think about it – if we could get every child across our wonderful world to be responsible for planting just one tree per pupil, the result would equate to thousands of new forests worldwide. Over time, this would lead to more natural environments, more birds and more wildlife – something that is rapidly dwindling if we continue on our current course.

What’s more is that in 100 years from today those trees would have grown and produced millions of offspring of their own and so would the animals that use the trees. It is our duty to start now!

Think back to when we were children – if somebody had planted a single tree for us that we could visit, it would more than likely be huge now and we would all have pride in thinking that we were in someway responsible for helping the planet recover from the toxic CO2 overload it’s currently suffers.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the children today could return in 20, 30 or 40 years time to see I was there tree has contributed to help combat climate change?

There are simple ways to get students involved in tree planting.

At Gift a Tree, we have the ability to plant in 34 countries worldwide and our resources are growing all the time.

From as little as 70p per tree, each school could purchase a sapling for every child/student enrolled. It would be a two minute process to get involved.

Then, every time new pupils join the school, you could simply order more trees with a simple click.

You can even choose which country your trees will be planted in.

After your order is placed, we will send you certification to show precisely where your trees will be planted.

Once your education centre is involved with Gift a Tree, you will be able to use our logo and certification on your paperwork to help attract more parents and children to use your learning facility. This has a really positive impact and helped attract more pupils over and above the schools, universities and education centres that are not involved with us.

Join the 1,000s of schools that are benefitting from our ‘Gift a Tree Academy’ – Enquire today or download our brochure for more information,

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