10 Facts about Trees

10 Facts about Trees

Reasons to Plant Trees and why they are good for the planet.

10 Fun facts as to why we should all be planting trees.

  1. On average an adult tree absorbs approximately 25kgs of CO2 per year.
    Therefore, in order to consume the average family’s annual output of CO2, 600 trees need to exist. Put simply, planting trees is not enough because it can take up to 40 years for a single tree to reach maturity and consume the maximum amount of CO2. From this we can deduce that we must stop needlessly cutting down natural forest and woodland areas.
  2. Trees help to stop flooding and landslides.
    Once trees have been removed from an area soil becomes unstable and is easily susceptible to erosion as the roots that once held the earth in place will have gone. Leaves and branches can retain rainfall to the tune of approximately 8,000 gallons per month. In addition, leaves in general and the canopy of the tree help to disperse rainfall at a more gentle rate.
  3. Trees are miniature cities for small animals and insects.
    Scientists have estimated that up to 1 billion insects, spiders, rodents and birds benefit from a single tree in just one month. Put simply, each tree is a self-sufficient natural habitat and eco-system.
  4. Trees reduce stress.
    The health benefits to humans who are surrounded by trees has proven to be extremely beneficial particularly in reducing stress related diseases, as well as general stress and anxiety. Scientists have proven that people who can see trees tend to recover from illness faster than people who cannot.
  5. Planting a single tree today can lead to millions of new trees in just 10 years.
    Some trees produce thousands of seeds which can lead to a massive reproduction process in just a few years. Therefore, even through planting a single tree, your simple act can really help and assist the environment and all the animals that depend on it.
  6. Trees reduce temperature.
    Apart from producing a natural sunscreen by providing shadows to the earth below, trees lower air temperature and humidity.
  7. Trees reduce pollution.
    We have already stated that trees reduce CO2 but they also reduce other pollutants such as noise and light. Simply by providing several branches and leaves the noise is reduced through the buffeting effect and the light cannot pass through the body or leaves of the tree. Planting trees near to roads and industrial complexes, noise can be significantly absorbed by trees and they can also act as screens to reduce light pollution.
  8. Trees have a positive effect on the economy.
    Properties that are located close to trees and shaded avenues are mush more sought after than those areas that do not have the same benefit. Therefore areas with trees have proven to consistently achieve higher prices that properties in similar locations without trees. If you have a business and want to invest in trees please visit our Corporate Tree Planting page.
  9. Trees have a positive effect on mental health.
    People tend to feel good when they are surrounded by trees and simply through having the knowledge that they have planted a tree makes the person feel good knowing that they have made a positive impression on the environment and the challenges we face today.
  10. Trees communicate with each other.
    Now I hear you say that I have gone mad! However, it has been proved that trees manage to communicate through soil fungi. When vast areas of trees have mycorrhizal fungi on their roots an entire forest can communicate particularly where older trees can easily communicate with younger trees on a large area. They send carbon, nutrients and water to much younger saplings to help them grow.

Those are our 10 facts about trees – we hope you enjoyed learning about why they are so important.

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