How to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Use our carbon emissions calculator above to see how much CO2 your family produces.

Work out how many trees you need to offset your emissions

Enter your details into our carbon emissions calculator to calculate your family’s carbon footprint. As and example, an average family in the UK is responsible for emitting 15,000 kgs (15 tonnes) of CO2 each year. This means the score for an average family is 15,000.

On average each fully grown tree absorbs approximately 25 kgs of CO2 per year. To offset this 600 trees need to be planted for a family’s carbon footprint to remain neutral. However, we encourage you to enter your emissions above and then add 10% for things that you may have overlooked. Therefore, 660 trees planted would be our recommendation for each family in the UK.

Note: The figure given at the end of the calculation in your output in kilograms. For example, if our CO2 calculator gives a result of 14,000, this would equate to 14 tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

Fact: An average UK Family would need to Plant 660 Trees per Year Just to Remain Carbon Neutral.

Remember, that is just to remain carbon neutral. To gain a positive carbon footprint you would need to plant even more trees to truly benefit the future of our environment.

Please let others know about our CO2 calculator so they can become aware too.

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