Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Wood

Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Wood

Pay your respects by helping her legacy live on in nature

2026 – 2022

Her majesty did so much for our country so we thought it would be lovely to give something back. By contributing towards the Queen’s memorial wood you will be giving back to nature. This will ensure her legacy will live on for centuries to come.

The size of the wood will be completely reliant on how many trees are ordered by the public over the coming months and years.

The initiative will be on the land of Bradford Farm near Tiverton, Devon. Planting will begin in October and end in March – the best time to plant trees in the UK. Naturally we can add more trees in the future.

The memorial wood will act as a lasting tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II long after her death.

Unlike other tree-planting programs, we do everything for you and even give you certification so you can give your trees as a treasured gift to loved ones or colleagues.

We are planning to become a partner and will be adding our trees to The Queen’s Green Canopy project whose patron is King Charles III. View their excellent work by visiting the website here.

Mixing old trees with new ones

The Queens memorial wood will be planted where there are already several established trees already. Existing varieties include English Oak, Alder, Willow, Silver Birch, Lime and many more.

The new trees will range from several different species to increase diversity and help all kinds of nature. We will particularly include trees with blossom to help the bees on the farm. They will also be extremely colourful making the Devonshire countryside even more lush that it often appears on picture postcards.

Special Tree Certification

When you purchase trees in our memorial wood you will receive a special tree certificate to show you have contributed. The certificate can be dedicated to individual people and makes an ideal eco-gift which they can treasure for years to come. It will have the name of your chosen person and prove they have contributed to the expansion of the Queen’s Memorial Wood.

Unlike our other tree programs, we decide which trees will be best based on the space and soil type we have in the area.

Minimum tree order but special tree price.

As we are trying to increase the size of the wooded area quite rapidly we are requesting a minimum order of 5 trees at a special price of just £10 each.