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Show Customers You Care for the Environment and They will Give you More Hotel Bookings

Environment before moneyIn order to secure more bookings for your hotel, you must consider the following question. What is the number one consideration customers make to do business with you?

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for environmentally friendly organisations when they do business. In fact, it is estimated that over 80% of the developed world’s population below the age of 21 puts the environment first, even before cost.

Therefore, this target market is making decisions as to who they do business with by giving preference to the companies that have Sustainable Environmental Policies in place. In short, these youngsters represent the future and will be driving the worlds economy for decades to come. The time to win them over is NOW!

Once loyalty is established most customers become creatures of habit and research has shown that the earlier people buy into a brand, the more likely they are to remain loyal to that brand for years to come.


More people book hotels for their sustainability practices

Hotels with strong green policies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, which can enhance their reputation and attract environmentally conscious travellers. Guests may feel a sense of satisfaction in supporting socially responsible businesses.

Green hotels often provide information and resources to educate guests about sustainable practices and encourage them to adopt similar behaviours in their daily lives. This can contribute to raising awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

In particular eco-travel is an important consideration for holiday makers, executives and people who simply have to move around. This target market is increasingly looking into each company that has green policies in place

However, few people take the time to read the small print of an organisations Environmental Sustainability Policy. These can list everything from energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and emissions but making them aware is extremely valuable for hotels and travel companies as it helps to secure trust and a long-term customer-base for the future.

New Customers Retain Brand Loyalty

Environmental Hotels

Our proposal is to make the understanding simple for your customers through informing them that you plant a tree each time they do business with you. This can be done visually so that people immediately connect with your business without reading the small print.

Our research has shown that simply through having our logo associated with your corporate environmental policy will ‘tip the balance’ when it comes to making a booking decision. We can also provide certificates for rooms, brochures or information boards for you to display.

Other industry sectors that have benefitted from this include accountants, lawyers, clubs, consultants and many more. They simply ask us to plant a tree each time they have a new customer, member or when they secure a new business deal.

We can do this for as little as 12p per tree and have plantations in 34 countries worldwide.

Why not join a growing trend to show you care. It will help to future-proof your business and generate new customers?

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