Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree

Plant a Tree and You will be Helping The Environment

Planting trees
We should all Plant a Tree this year

At Gift a Tree we are trying to raise awareness as to why we should all be planting trees. Our goal is to help individuals easily plant trees in every country worldwide. We are also trying to help companies make commitments to plant a tree through our Corporate Tree Planting programme.

Gift a Tree makes it easy for anyone to purchase a tree and to nominate someone whose name it will be planted in. In fact, in order to plant a tree, you do not have to do much apart from ordering over our website.

Currently, we work with charities, NGOs and volunteers in 32 countries where we can actively plant millions of trees. Plant a tree for family, friends or customers this Christmas to create woodlands and forests worldwide.

Listen to Andy Fields radio interview with Jeremy Vine from BBC radio 2 talking about trees.

Buy a Tree for Someone

When you buy a tree for someone or simply plant a tree for yourself, you will be helping nature, repairing the natural environment and helping to reduce harmful CO2 emissions. All of these actions will be of great benefit to animals, insects and small creatures that rely on trees for their existence.

How to Plant Trees with Gift a tree

Please note, that depending on which country you choose, there could be a delay in planting the tree if it is not the season to do so. For example, we will not plant trees in the depth of winter in the UK if it could be harmful for the type of tree you have chosen.

  • Decide in which country you would like your trees to be planted.
  • Nominate a person or organisation to gift your tree to.
  • We will send to confirmation of your tree purchase immediately.
  • We will send you a certificate naming you as the donor, the name of your nominee and the precise location of where your trees will be planted.

Tree panorama - Planting Trees Worldwide
Tree planting worldwide with Gift a Tree

The Cost of Planting Trees

We are happy to accept orders from individuals or companies. Orders can be for just one tree or thousands in one transaction – the choice is totally up to you. If multiple trees are ordered, only one certificate would be generated showing how many trees have been purchased.

We have tried to keep the cost of planting trees to an absolute minimum so that we can help nature recover. However, it goes without saying that the more you donate, the more trees we can plant.

When you choose your selection of trees, you will be able to view them on Google maps and watch them grow. All our locations in 32 countries are in protected areas designed for specifically for generating tree growth and promoting nature, re-wilding and the natural environment generally. Plant your tree today!

Tree Planting Certification

Plant a Tree Certificate
Your Tree Planting Certificate

Receive a unique tree planting certificate

Dedicate a tree and receive an attractively designed certificate showing who it is dedicated to, who it is from and the precise location of the tree or trees you have given.

Once you have bought a tree or trees, we will send you a certificate showing exactly where your trees are planted and we will name you have dedicated the tree to.

We email the certificate simply to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible.

This is 100% an eco-friendly Christmas or birthday gift for someone special that gives you and the recipient a true feel-good factor as you know you have done something to help nature and the environment.

Reasons why we should all be planting trees

Deforestation is still going on
Too many well established trees are still being cut down due to human greed. At the recent COP26 in Glasgow new policies were agreed to stop deforestation by 2030 – We must plant trees to reverse this devastation. Read about deforestation

Trees prevent soil erosion
Trees help to prevent soil erosion by holding the soil in place. How often these days do we hear about major landslides resulting in human tragedy?

Animals and birds depend on trees
Wildlife of all kinds depend on trees. They use them for shelter, nesting, food source and hunting. There are literally millions of insects in just one oak tree. Imagine how this helps with the natural ecosystem. Without trees, most wildlife would simply not survive.

Trees generate oxygen
Through the process of photosynthesis, trees are one of the largest natural producers of oxygen.

Trees lower CO2
Without trees the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere would be far greater than they are. Trees are literally the lifeblood of our planet.

Trees are stunning!
Imagine a barren field that is just grass. There would be few birds and insects and no wildlife. Just a few hundred years ago, a bare field would have been a rare sight; these days it is far too common. Trees attract nature and satisfaction.

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