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Hawthorn is an attractive tree that can support all kinds of wildlife. The stunning white blossom attracts insects and its berries are a lure for several bird varieties. Apart from the bright red fruit birds are also keen to feed on the array of insects teeming all over the plant.

Hawthorns bloom with a stunning white blossom which sometimes blends to a pale pink; this is a classic sign of Spring mopping into Summer.

Adult trees have been known to reach 20m but the usual height is approximately 15m. The inner branches and twigs of the tree are covered with thorny spikes; another reason bugs and insects like them as they can afford some protection from predators.

Hawthorn is a deciduous tree so when the green leaves appear in early Spring they grow to about 5-6cm and turn yellow before falling in late Autumn.

Value to wildlife
The hawthorn is extremely beneficial to wildlife and can support over 250 species of insect. The thorny spikes provide excellent cover to small birds which frequently use the hawthorn as a protective nesting site. The flowers are eaten by small mammals such as dormice and provide pollen and nectar for bees and other pollinating insects. The berries, known as haws, are eaten by birds and are a vital food source for birds such as redwings, thrushes and fieldfares.

Why we plant hawthorn.
Gift a tree pants hawthorn because it is so vital to nature. Unfortunately, because hawthorn is often used in hedgerows, they are often trimmed back before the berries can bloom causing a negative effect for fieldfares and redwings. Gift a tree promises to let our trees flourish so they can be feeding sites for migrating birds.

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