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Wild cherry trees (Prunus serotina) are deciduous trees that are native to North America and are widely distributed across the Eastern half of the United States and Canada. They are also known as black cherries, wild black cherries, or rum cherries.

Your tree will be planted on our nature reserve in Devon.

Wild cherry trees can grow up to 80-100 feet (30 metres) tall, with a straight trunk and a rounded or spreading crown. The bark is dark brown or black and has distinctive horizontal lines and deep furrows. The leaves are simple, alternate, and oval or oblong, with a serrated margin and a shiny, dark green upper surface. The flowers are small, white, and appear in clusters before the leaves in early spring. The fruit is a drupe, about 1 inch in diameter, that is initially green but turns black when ripe in late summer.

Wild cherry trees prefer well-drained soils and full sun, but are adaptable to a range of growing conditions, including wetter soils and partial shade. They are generally hardy and resistant to pests and diseases, but can be susceptible to problems such as black knot, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. Wild cherry trees are valued for their wood, which is prized for furniture, flooring, and musical instruments, as well as their ornamental value as shade trees and their role as a food source for wildlife. Wild cherry trees are propagated by seed or cuttings, and can be grown in containers or in the ground.

Wild cherry trees have amazing blossom, which is great for bees and they look absolutely stunning when in full bloom. Mature trees can live for 60 years and does so much for nature. The cherries are an excellent food source for birds which help to spread the seeds in their droppings.

They are fast growing trees and can quickly help to absorb CO2 emissions. When you buy a wild cherry tree it will planted and named to whoever you dedicate it to. After your purchase we will send you the precise location of your tree and a certificate for you via email. Please note that everything is sent via email to avoid adding to the carbon footprint of regular post and polluting the atmosphere.

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