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Lime Tree

Grow a Lime tree for acidic fruit in drinks and dishes. These evergreens originate in SE Asia and Pacific islands, and thrive in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide. Lime trees stand 20-30ft tall, with shiny leaves, fragrant white flowers, and small green or yellow fruit. They like warm, moist conditions and full sun and can withstand pests and diseases, but may fall prey to canker, greening, and insect infestations. Propagate Lime trees from seed or cuttings and grow them in containers or in the ground.

Gift someone special a Lime tree and we’ll plant it in the UK. This large country house tree provides a home for aphids, attracting predators like ladybirds and hoverflies, which in turn feed birds. Despite its name, the Common Lime is not so common.

Fully grown Lime trees boast rich green leaves, 8cm in length. These deciduous trees shed their leaves in the autumn when they turn yellow.

Lime trees boast both male and female reproductive parts within a single flower, making them hermaphrodites. Their flowers are a rich source of pollen and nectar, attracting bees.

Your tree will be planted on our nature reserve in Devon.

Find the Common Lime in most UK gardens and national parks, as it is native to the country.

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