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Lime Tree

Gift a Lime tree to someone special and we will plant it in the UK. The Lime tree is a true estate and large country house tree. It is fantastic for nature as it is a favourite food of aphids which, in turn, attract predators. The predators of aphids such as ladybirds, hover flies can then be a popular food source of birds.

The name ‘Common Lime’ is extremely misleading as it is not so common.

Fully grown trees have leaves that are a rich green in colour and are on average 8cm in length. As a deciduous tree the leaves fall in Autumn when they have faded to a bland yellow.

Lime trees have both male and female reproductive parts that can be within a single flower. The term for such plants is hermaphrodite. The flowers are an extremely attractive food source for bees as they provide a large amount of pollen and nectar.

The Common lime is native to the UK and can be found in most established gardens and national parks.

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