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Grow Alder trees (Alnus spp.) in temperate and boreal regions. Common species include: European alder, Grey alder, Black alder, Sitka alder. They grow up to 50-100 feet tall, with narrow, conical crowns, and straight trunks. Leaves are simple, alternate, and oval/elliptical with serrated or smooth margins. Bark is smooth, grey or brown with lenticels. Flowers are small, yellow-brown, and followed by ornamental woody cones.

Alder trees prefer moist soils and full sun but adapt to varying conditions, including wetter soils, partial shade, and acidic soils. They are hardy and resist pests/diseases but can be susceptible to alder blight, canker, and insect infestations. Valuable for fast growth, nitrogen-fixing abilities, and use in landscaping/erosion control. Propagate by seed, cuttings, or layering and grow in containers or in the ground.

Alders are common trees that like to be near water. They are fast growing trees and can quickly help to absorb CO2 emissions. If you sponsor an alder tree it will planted and named to whoever you dedicate it to.

After your purchase we will send you the precise location of your tree and a certificate for you via email. Your tree will be planted on our nature reserve in Devon.

Please note that we send everything via email to avoid adding to the carbon footprint of regular post and polluting the atmosphere.

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